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Our Main Areas of Focus

We are a non-profital organization, involved in helping youths to realize their potentials. Our main areas of focus includes Creative Writing, ICT & Sports

Creative writing Workshop

We realize the huge potentials locked in most youths that needs to be hued and refined to make them sparkle like a million stars. It is against the above backdrop that the Acebook Square Mayange Katyo creative writing workshop was instituted

Information Technology is Revolutionzing the world

Disruptive technologies have redefined our everyday existance. We caanot continue to trail behind or remain open as dumping ground. We intend to take the initiative by providing oppotunities for youths to equip themsleves...

Sports is a Goldmine

Sports holds immense potentials for personal development, community engagement, and economic opportunities. Levearaging the power of sports can contribute to economic emancipation for youths especially in third world countries...

Our Future Activities

Take a look at where we are going to

Coming up| in 2024

Books No Bullet Initiative

Advocating for change, Books Not Bullets is an initiative promoting knowledge over conflict.We believe in empowering minds, fostering peace through knowledge, and building a bullet-free future

Coming up | in 2024

Guidance Counselling Programmes

The youths are our tomorow. We intend to elevate their journey with our career and life counselling program, tailored guidance, skill development, and personalized strategies for a fulfilling and sucessfull, purpose driven life.

Coming Up| in 2023

Spoken Words Open Mic

There is power in spoken words. Lets create a platform to celebrate articulate voices, compelling naratives, and impactful performances, that would shape conversations through

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